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Onlinepsychic.uk has had its own skilled mediums for some time now. Here you can go with all your questions about the past and present, but certainly also for questions about your future. Our service has highly qualified mediums and psychics. We wish you a good consultation.


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You can then purchase a credit bundle, this is done via a secure connection, making it cheaper than calling. Then you can immediately ask all your questions to one or more consultants, depending on the number of credits you have. There is also the possibility of different types of readings, for example a photo reading or perhaps you need a relationship coach.

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Have you had a consultation, but would you also like a personal reading? No worries, the consultants will start on the basis of your profile description and an initial consultation with describing readings that serve as a guideline in your spiritual life. For example, think of readings to get started with your psychic gift, to communicate with angels, to find the love in your life, to contact the deceased or spiritual guidelines.

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I declare that I am 18 years or older.
I accept the Terms and conditions and Privacy statement and the fact that no rights can be derived from the insights provided by the consultant.

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