Name:    Jaida
Age:    33 year
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Do you sometimes feel that something is not right? But you cant pin down exactly what that is? Dont panic, I can help you with that. I can name your feeling and shape it, I can also shape things for you that you dont feel. It will protect you from certain mistakes that you can make or help you make certain agreements and choices. Knowing more? Send me a message and I will help you further.

What questions can you contact me for?

I feel exactly what someone needs or what that person has to watch out for. I also like to answer specific questions, but I prefer to work with someone who has a good view on life.

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Mathew - 07 July 2021

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To be quite honest, I signed up here for fun, and this is how I came to the profile of Jaida, I thought yes yes, it must be nonsense. Well I take that back now. I have become much wiser after our conversation, so I really recommend it to people.