Frequently asked questions


By clicking on “Forgot your password?” close to the login area, you can retrieve your password again.

On the profile page of the consultant you can see all specialties / gifts of the consultant in question. In addition, it is also possible to sort these specialties on the homepage.

It does not matter which question you want to ask to one of our consultants. Some topics you can ask your questions about are: Family, relationships, love, health, work, healing, death, living, financial, work, high sensitivity and sexuality.

On both the homepage and the profile page of a consultant, you can see at the top left of the profile picture whether the medium profile is available or not. When there is a red bar, the consultant is talking. When you see a green bar, the consultant is immediately available. With a purple bar, the consultant is offline.

Although every consultant is different, we cannot specifically say that one is better than the other, experience it yourself and see who you click with or who better suits your needs. One can experience a consultant completely different from the other. Therefore, do not give up immediately if the first consultant does not answer all your questions.


When you click on inbox at the top left of the screen, you will see an overview of your messages already received.

In your inbox you can see how many unread messages there are at the top right. The unread messages are also at the top of the inbox (above the read messages).

All your messages are anonymous and secret. Both the question and the answer to your important life questions are always discreet and our consultants follow a strict confidentiality with regard to privacy-sensitive information.


When you click on the button top up credits in the menu at the top of your screen you will be redirected to the page where you can purchase credits. Select the desired package by clicking on the “Buy now” button next to the desired package. Then it is a matter of choosing the desired payment method, after which the payment will be made.

This depends on your needs. It is always advisable to buy a large package, as this is cheaper.

When you will send a message your account will be deducted with 5 credits

Unfortunately, it can always happen that something went wrong during the processing of the payment. Customer service is always available, It is best to email a screenshot of the payment, this way it will be sorted out the fastest.

Loyalty Points

You automatically save loyalty points with every transaction you make on this website, for every euro you spend you receive 1 loyalty point. The points you receive can then be exchanged for credit bundles from 200.

All loyalty points will expire when you cancel your account.

No, it is not possible to convert saved loyalty points into money.

Incase you still have questions after visiting our FAQ, please feel free to send us an email with any query e-mail. We will answer within 2 business days.