Name:    Jarrod
Age:    38 year
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When I open myself up to information from above, many stories and messages come to me. Something I had to get used to for a while, I didnt quite know how to deal with it. Finally with the help of a wellknown psychic in Germany, my busy head turned into a nice gift that I can admit if I want, but also learned to shut me off because of it, otherwise its no good hahaha. Are you curious if a deceased loved one still has a message for you? Do you want to know why someone has made certain choices or perhaps why you always feel the way you do? Then I can help you with the messengers from above

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Questions, answers and unprocessed events.

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Quinton - 18 July 2021

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Respect what a great man Jarrod is. 1000 times thanks, you know why. I really recommend Jarrod, especially if youre interested in finding out about the dead.