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I would like to introduce myself. I am Bart, I am 42 years old and I am a mental coach. Now I see you thinking what does this man do? A mental coach helps you take control of your life. By controlling your thoughts, you have more influence on your body. In this way the balance between physical and mental forces come together. If the balance between physical and mental condition is not in balance, stress-related complaints will arise. Reducing stress and similar complaints can be done by strengthening the mental powers or relieving mental overload.

What questions can you contact me for?

A mental coach helps you convert negative thoughts into positive ones. You will gain more insight into your own behavior and how you can change this. This allows you to achieve better results. You develop yourself faster. Your thoughts, frame of reference and perspective largely come from your past. These patterns form into habits. Unconscious actions you perform. A mental coach teaches you to deal with these habits by explaining how a person's mental system works. The most important parts in this system are thinking, feeling, senses, consciousness and body. If you think hey that's exactly what chrome is not for me and send me a message

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Katja - 20 July 2019

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Had a very nice conversation with you Bart thank you for your good answers