Name:    Janet
Age:    45 year
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Hi all. My name is Janet and I have known for a number of years that I am clairsentient, the way I found out was less pleasant, I had been struggling with headaches and other ailments for years. My intuition and my third eye are therefore developed above average, so that I feel and experience things much more strongly as someone else, after a conversation with a medium I started working with it and learned to convert my burden into something positive. And by dealing with it in a different way. Nowadays I help people with feelings, questions and developments in every area. I hope I can be there for you too. Love Janet.

What questions can you contact me for?

Tell me something about yourself and how you stand in your life, I can sense and even prevent things based on your story. Take advantage of it, because I too am still learning every day, and in this way I learn to develop my gift better and better on the basis of your story. Will I talk to you soon?

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Sally - 07 July 2021

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Thanks for your insights and advice. I can really do something with this. Top