Name:    Jason
Age:    46 year
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Greetings special person, I am Jason 46 and have been active for years as a healer. With my cosmic powers I have already helped many people with recovery processes from fungi to acne, stuck joints to cluster headaches. The trick is to remove the ailment from a person and then place it somewhere where it can no longer be a burden to anyone, I have my techniques for that that I also use regularly at fairs or in my practice I work from the chakras of a person and can make contact with the associated chakra with a persons ailment, allergies, pains and complaints I can treat. Im really not a doctor. I cannot treat diabetes, etc

What questions can you contact me for?

What ailments affect your daily functioning? Perhaps I can be of service to you. Enjoy, radiate and go through life painfree again. Results after 1 session. Often a minimum of 3 sessions is required. Give it a chance

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leanne - 29 June 2021

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Super thanks Jason, have such a difficult time behind us. But you were really very right this has made me a much stronger woman.