Name:    Nathan
Age:    41 year
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Dear reader, my name is Nathan. I have been active as a medium for several years, thanks to my sixth sense I can often learn things that have so far been unclear. Because I like to help people I also want to ask you to contact me via here. I have psychic abilities and a sixth sense. I can help you with questions about fate, the future, but also people who would like to contact their loved ones. Do you want me to help you? Please send me a message.

What questions can you contact me for?

Questions about fate, future related and questions for dear deceased can be asked. Together we can start the session, so you can experience what I feel and what comes to me.

Customer experiences

Ik - 24 December 2019

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Special men

Mylene - 05 November 2019

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Yes I would really like you to share this

Mylene - 04 November 2019

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Thank you for all your help, currently out of money for credits

- 14 July 2019

Experiences: 10

I just spoke to Nathan about how he made a prediction for me yesterday, and that it came out yesterday. WOW We both did not expect this so quickly. I find the conversations so special and spontaneous. Without my giving any info you knew enough to tell about the situation Thank you Nathan ...