Name:    Lexie
Age:    62 year
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Hello everyone, Im Lexie 62 years old and Ive known almost all my life that Im clairvoyant. From the moment I knew I was, there were open doors for me which will remain closed for other often, I feel I know everything that I actually can not know, but I know them. I sense when something is right or wrong, even if I cant always put my finger on it, why not. It sounds kind of complicated, but I just know things as soon as someone asks me something. Ive given so much advice these days, and it turned out to be right time and time again, and people came back to me, and advised me to do something with it. So here I am ready to help you make important choices or decisions

What questions can you contact me for?

Each closed question I can answer for you questions that can be answered with yes and no. I work discreetly and without judgment, it is also always possible to keep in touch with me as I really enjoy hearing back my predictions that they were correct.

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Stacy - 30 June 2021

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Thank you Lexie for your clear answer. I needed that