Name:    Benji
Age:    38 year
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Hello all. I am Benji. I have been working with love in the hospital as a physiotherapist for years. And besides my job I like to guide people who get stuck in certain facets in life. For this I use my Clairaudience, you may wonder what that is, well Ill explain that to you. Clairaudience, are actually clairvoyant messages that come in the form of sound. This can be in the form of melodies, sounds, music or words, and usually other people cannot pick up on those messages. Curious about what I get from you? Sign up quickly and send a message.

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Do you ever feel that there is more between heaven and earth? Are you curious if I can pick up clear messages or things from your past? Then I can help you.

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Debby - 07 July 2021

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My grandmother and I had a very strong bond, after her death I missed her enormously, thanks to Benji I have become a little more at peace with her death and I received a beautiful message from Grandma. So special