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Hey and welcome. My name is Anisha, and as a little girl I already felt different from normal, I was very sensitive and super shy, I was often in my own bubble, I also saw and experienced things at a young age that were inexplicable to other people. One of those things was that one night I woke up screaming, my grandfather, my grandfather. I cried. Grandpa died in a car accident 2 days later. Coincidence? No. My grandfather was also a medium and always said I had that gift too, I still miss my grandfather very much physically, but spiritually, I have almost daily contact with him, something that gives me peace and tranquility, unfortunately not everyone can, so I really want to mean something to other people and thus convey the message or answers from their loved one to their.

What questions can you contact me for?

Do you want to connect with that one deceased loved one? Or do you have questions about your family? Ill give you all the answers and advice. Feel free to send a message. Love Anisha

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Kyana - 01 July 2021

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At Anisha you immediately feel at ease. As if there is an immediate click. You feel that they treat your questions with care and attention. And the answers are so accurate. I would recommend Anisha to anyone.