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As an astrologer, I deal with many things, planets, stars, horoscopes, etc. It is an ancient teaching that was practiced in the past, and there are still astrologers today. This is of course not without reason, because the planets exert much more influence on us without us often being aware of it. Are you curious about what the planets have in store for you and what influence they can have on you as a person? Then be surprised and send a message, Ill be happy to get started for you

What questions can you contact me for?

Do you have certain life questions? Curious which character traits are the strongest in you? Do you want to know where your real strength lies? I can answer all those questions and more.

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Mabel - 07 July 2021

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I always thought that my worrying was my weak spot, now I have discovered that I overthink a lot and that that is precisely one of my strengths, I can make estimates like the best. I have received tips on which days of the month it is best to make certain steps and choices and I have already benefited a lot from that.