Name:    Jethro
Age:    38 year
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Nice that you read my profile. Im Jethro. And as the header indicates I am clairvoyant, I can not only look at the present, past and future, I can also see what is going on inside you, your pain, sorrow and silent wishes, will be revealed to me, provided you open to that. So its not like Im going to read people unsolicited while shopping, there has to be mutual approval. I hope that I can and may make a beautiful reading for you. Have faith, I will handle it discreetly and respectfully

What questions can you contact me for?

Questions about past, present and future, I can also take away your tensions and offer you help with getting answers to certain life questions. Open up and experience what I can do for you

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emely - 01 July 2021

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It took a while before I understood the reading, but after 2 days the pennies finally dropped, and I still see things coming back from the reading in daily life. Really strange that this is possible. Thank you Jethro