How does it work?

Start free consult

Registration completed? Then you can immediately redeem your free consultation. When you have chosen a consultant, click on “Start chat” to start a free chat with this consultant. This way you can ask your first question for free and you will receive an answer. TIP: You can use the green, red and purple area at the top left of a consultant's profile to see if this person is online, in a conversation or offline.

Find answers to your questions

You can allways purchase a credit pack this is done by a secure connection, which will be cheaper than calling. Then you can immediately ask all your questions to one or more consultants, depending on the number of credits you have. There is also the possibility of different types of readings, for example a photo reading or perhaps you need a relationship coach.

Personal reading

Have you had a consultation, but also want a personal reading? No worries, the consultants will work with your profile description and the initial consultation which serve as a guideline in your spiritual life. Think for instance about readings to get started with your psychic gift, communicate with angels or find answers about the love in your life.

You can ask questions about all kind of topics to one of our professional consultants. Don't wait any longer and ask those questions today! Ask the professional who are currently online and get a quick answer.